Non-Denominational Ministerial Opportunities

Your Wedding Officiant is a Non-Denominational Wedding Ministry which is currently looking for ordained ministers/priests to work with assisting couples in creating that special wedding ceremony that is reflective of their life, love, and relationship. Our ministry is through silent witness not aggressive preaching nor do we embrace any particular religious denomination or sect. We do not pass judgement on couples, their life or life-style, choice of partner, or involvement in organized religion.

The successful candidate must be comfortable with:

·         Working with all types of couples ,this will include both dual-sex and same-sex couples whether first time married or legally divorced.
·         Performing both non-denominational and secular wedding ceremonies.
·         Willing to travel Western Pa, Eastern Ohio, and the Panhandle of West Virginia. Travel over certain mileage is reimbursed.
·         Be currently able to legally perform Wedding Ceremonies in Pennsylvania.
·         Hold or be eligible for current licensure/registration as a Wedding Officiant in the States of Ohio and West Virginia.
·         Have a good liturgical presence and speaking voice.
·         Be able to follow and conduct a completed ceremony, designed by the couple, in performing their ceremony.
·         Complete any and all legal requirements necessary including filing all necessary documentation immediately after the completion of the wedding.
·         Have current Ecclesiastical Endorsement and Valid Certification of Ordination.
·         A proven track record of being reliable.
·         No past history of criminal convictions.

The successful candidate will be a self-employed contractor and responsible for all taxes on any earning. You will be offered various  dates, times, and locations for weddings and a completed ceremony to be performed. Upon successful completion you will sign and file all necessary state paperwork to complete the legal requirements of the wedding.

  If you feel that you have these qualifications, please forward a copy of your current resume, including education and references to .  Please include the term “Candidate” in the subject line of your email.

The Golden Triangle, Pittsburgh

Photo by  Rev. Dennis M. Wargo, M.Div