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  • CITI Ministries, Inc.

  • American Association of Wedding Officiants

Ecclesiastical Endorsement:

  • International Council of Community Churches


Rev. Dennis M. Wargo, M.Div.


Your Wedding Officiant

 Of course cost is a very important part of any wedding planning.   The fees I charge are dependent upon several variables and your choices of various other options. However, never are my fee's bases on the number of people in your wedding party or the number of people attending you wedding.  Rather my fee's are based on the amount of work I need to do to provide you with the Wedding Ceremony you desire. For more information on my services and fees please contact me so we can discuss your expectations and desires. I don't want you to pay more than you have to.


We start by choosing the framework for your ceremony, this framework defines the fee. The frameworks I offer are:

  • Minimal Ceremony
  • Elopement Ceremony Framework
  • Trouble-Free Ceremony Framework
  • Straightforward Ceremony Framework
  • Classic Elaborate Ceremony Framework

However, it is not just the ceremony, but the background planning that is important. Your Wedding Ceremony should reflect who you are as a couple and what you believe. In each framework you have multiple choices to  make for your ceremony. Once these are made I begin to craft the ceremony that is reflective of you and your relationship. However, that is not the end.  Once crafted I will send you a copy of the ceremony for your review and any necessary changes to make it yours! We can review and make changes multiple times to make sure the ceremony reflects you, your life, and your love. As you review Officiants for your Wedding make sure they have the expertise and training to properly design and craft the Ceremony you want and not just a "canned ceremony" they use for everyone!

I also have a "NO SURPRISE" policy.  This means that I will make every effort for  you to receive a copy of your ceremony at least several a weeks prior to your ceremony for your review and approval. You will know what is going to be said at your ceremony, no surprises!

For more information on my fee's and services, along with my various payment plans and payment options  to meet your budgetary needs,  please complete  the No Obligation Contact Form and we can begin to discuss your needs and desires for your wedding. Ceremony costs start at $150.00 and we accept Cash, Check, or Credit Cards [MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express].


 I am Rev. Dennis M. Wargo, M.Div.,        A    Certified Marriage Officiant (I am a member of CITI Ministries, Inc., The American Association of Wedding Officiants and hold Ecclesiastical Endorsement from the International Council of Community Churches), and an Ordained non-denominational Married Catholic Priest/Minister. Currently, I perform ceremonies in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and North Western West Virginia including the panhandle and Western Maryland. I am 60 years old and the married father of two wonderful children and a beautiful wife of 23 years.  I have a Bachelor of Arts from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA  and a Masters of Divinity from Christ the King Seminary, East Aurora, NY. with my concentration in Pastoral Theology and Counseling. I have done a variety of post-graduate studies also. I have studied Ceremony Design and Construction, Ceremony Execution, Ceremonial History,  and Music among other subjects.  As ordained clergy I have performed  hundreds of wedding ceremonies. I combine both my experience and formal education to create that unique wedding of your desire.

Your wedding is a very important focus to me.  I am a clergyperson who will strive to work with you to provide the wedding of your dreams. Whether your desire is a simple exchange of vows or a more complex ceremony, non-religious, religious, civil or secular,  I will work to provide you with your wish for a beautiful and memorable ceremony which will be remembered by you, your family, and friends for years to come.

Often times couples have difficulty trying to find the perfect person to perform their wedding ceremony.  They do not want a hurried and rushed ceremony in a Judges chamber, but they are really not part of a particular church. I am the solution to that issue. Regardless of your previous marital history, I am open to working with you to marry that right person.    I am open to ALL COUPLES who want to be legally married.  I am a warm and loving individual who is open and understanding.  I do not believe that it is my place to pass judgment on you or your history.

Finally, in working with my couples, I attempt to make this as simple and relaxing a process as possible. My unique planning materials help reduce the stress. Getting married has a lot of tension and issues, I will try to make my part of the planning as stress-free and easy as possible. I will do all in my power to reduce your stress about this part of your Wedding planning! I solve problems I don't create them!


Your Wedding Officiant