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Your Wedding Officiant Reviews
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As Seen in The Knot Magazine
WeddingWire Your Wedding Officiant Reviews, Best Wedding Officiants in Pittsburgh - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner

 As "Your Wedding Officiant" we offer a variety of services to couples and can adapt any ceremony to meet the desires and beliefs of the couple.  As an ordained ministers we have officiated at hundred's of weddings over the years and bring that expertise along with formal training in Public Speaking, Ceremony Construction, and Ceremony Execution among other subjects to bear on creating and performing their wedding ceremony.  As a non-denominational interfaith ministers/married catholic priest we are open to ALL couples regardless of their beliefs or religious affiliation. When working for a couple, we let their beliefs, desires, and wants be the guiding factor in helping them to create the ceremony that of their desire.  We attempt to do this in the most non-stressful and relaxed way possible.

I start work with the couple by having them decide on the type of Ceremony Framework they desire, this also sets the fee for my services. 

Wedding Ceremony Frameworks

  • ​Minimal Ceremony
  • Elopement Ceremony Framework
  • Trouble-Free Ceremony Framework
  • Straight Forward Ceremony Framework
  • Classic Elaborate Ceremony Framework

Ceremonies are held at the place of your choosing, based on your own unique style and desires, and will be reflective of your love and life.

I also have a "No Surprise" policy.  This means that I will make every attempt to provide you with a complete copy of your ceremony at least several weeks prior to your ceremony.  On the day of your wedding you will not be surprised by what is said, you will know! 

The fee is based on the type of Ceremony or  Framework you choose not the number of people attending your wedding or the number of people in your wedding party.  As such a simple elopement ceremony will be less than the Classic Elaborate Ceremony. In addition I use a "menu" selection of additional services and ceremonies so that you can choose what services and/or ceremonies you would want in your Wedding Ceremony. Not to mention that we can tailor the vast majority of ceremonies and services to say exactly what you want. 

We have produced several excellent Wedding Planning Guides that I provide to  my couples who chose above the Minimal Ceremony, as we work to plan YOUR Wedding!  This is provided to the couples after we have made a firm commitment. These guides provide you with a myriad of options and choices for the wording and construction of Your Ceremony. These guides cover such topics as "Designing Your Wedding Ceremony", "Wedding Scriptural Readings", "Wedding Secular Readings", "Writing Your Personal Vows", "Unity Ceremonies and Additional Ceremonies".  You make the initial selections and then we work together to craft the unique, One-Of-A-Kind ceremony for your Wedding.

Long Distance Planning:

Planning a wedding over a long distance can be a very trying experience! ​Through the materials and planning process we have developed and can make planning your actual ceremony much easier!  We have planned ceremonies for individuals who were living in other countries and all over the United States who wanted to get married in the Pittsburgh Area.  The materials,  provided, will help you make all the necessary decisions to create that unique ceremony.  Meetings and discussions can be handled via Zoom, telephone, or email communications.  Material sample for both Long Distance Planning and local planning are always available by asking to see them.

Family Blending

This ceremony is directed towards those individuals who are getting or are already engaged, however, have children.  This is a chance for the not only newly engaged couple to proclaim their commitment to continue on the path to marriage, but also a chance for their children to be involved in the process and feel like they are a part of the process.  Often times, children feel left out of their parent's Wedding Ceremonies.  This type of ceremony includes them from the beginning and makes them know that they are still a very special part of their parent(s) life and part of their parents new life together.

Vow Renewal

Already made your commitment to each other?  Why not hold a special anniversary and renewal of your vows?  A ceremony of re-commitment and dedication to each other.  Any children can be included to be a part of this ceremony to reinforce their parents love and commitment to them and each other along with showing their support for their parents. 

Other Spiritual Services

As an Ordained Married Catholic Priest/Minister, Your Wedding Officiant, can also provide other Spiritual Services for those who could use them, these include:


Engagement Ceremonies


Home Blessings

​Anointing of the Sick

Various Other Home Services

If you are in need of any of these services please contact me either by completing the form on the Contact Page, by phone, email or visit my general website by clicking the button below.  I am available to help you with all your Spiritual Needs.