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We are accepting of all couples, including LGBTQIA++.  We do not judge, preach or challenge one's personal beliefs and will happily marry two consenting adults.

​​​​Your Wedding Officiant, LLC

​​    Thank you for taking the time to visit our website as you continue on your path to wedding and marriage.  Your wedding is a very important and special event for the two of you.  It should be unique and reflective of your love and your life with each other.  Whether a simple outdoor ceremony to an elaborate, formal ceremony, it is a symbolic expression of the life and love you share together. 

      Our priority is to assist you in planning your wedding ceremony with as little stress as possible so that you can enjoy your special day!

                                                                       Warmest Regards,

                                                                              Rev. Dennis


​​​​ Rev. Dennis M. Wargo, M.Div.



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  • CITI Ministries, Inc.

  • American Association of Wedding Officiants

  • American Council of Wedding Officiants

Ecclesiastic Endorsement:

  • International Council of Community Churches

  • First Nations Church and Ministries