Ceremony Descriptions

As we begin to look at the various ceremony styles that are available through Your Wedding Officiant, please keep in mind that any ceremony style chosen can be adapted to your personal preferences, whether civil, secular, spiritual, or religious.  Although each Officiant has personal beliefs, we adapt to you and your beliefs.  You are the Maestro of your Wedding Ceremony; we are the guides to help you achieve that reality.  Although we lay out five levels of Ceremony Service, you can change and adapt your chosen ceremony style to meet your dreams. Please be advised, however, the time frames presented are approximate and may change depending upon the other options, ceremonial music, and size of the bridal party.

Just the Two of Us Ceremony Form

[Pricing starts at $225.00 plus all travel - approximate ceremony length 5 minutes.]

This ceremony style is for those individuals who are looking for a quick simple ceremony generally with just the bride and groom in attendance. This ceremony meets the minimal legal requirements for those wishing to be married.  This is the only “pre-written” ceremony we offer.  However, that does not mean that the wording cannot be modified to be reflective of you and your relationship. Generally, due to the nature of this ceremony style, no music is permitted, and takes place in the couple’s home and there are no formal processions. There are no Additional Ceremonies added to this ceremony (i.e. Unity Ceremony, Personal Vows, or Remembrance of Those Who Have Passed).  As with all our ceremony style selections, this ceremony can be adapted to either religious or secular situations.

 Small and Intimate Ceremony Form

[Pricing starts at $299.00 plus travel - approximate ceremony length 10 minutes]

This ceremony style is for those who are looking for more than the couple present at their wedding ceremony but are not looking for a large extravagant affair. As with the previous ceremony style, this style is recommended for those desiring a smaller, more intimate, environment such as a family home, vacation cabin, or a small outdoor venue. The minimal use of music is encouraged in this ceremony style along with the addition of an Additional Ceremony such as a Unity Ceremony or Remembrance of Those Who Have Passed.  Readings are not included in this ceremony style. Although processions are permitted in this ceremony style, it is understood that the procession is limited to The Groom, Bride, Best Man, Maid/Matron of Honor, and Father of the Bride as the Bride’s escort.

Simple Elegance Ceremony Form

[Pricing starts at $399.00 plus travels with 25 complimentary round-trip miles for ceremony travel - approximate ceremony length 15 minutes]

This ceremony style is suggested for slightly larger groups and has more of the feel of the traditional wedding.  Processions with a larger group including those mentioned in the Small and Intimate ceremony style, plus a limited number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. This ceremony structure is one that is both elegant and simplistic in its design.  Greater use of music is encouraged.  Additional ceremonies are limited to one choice. This ceremony also includes the choice of a reading to be done by the Officiant or person of the couple's choosing. The reading can be religious or secular, along with a reflection on the reading if desired by the couple. This ceremony style can be used in a large variety of settings: indoor, outdoor, reception halls, barns, etc.   This ceremony style imparts a feeling of elegance and formality to any venue.

Classic Elegance Ceremony Form

[Pricing starts at $499.00 plus travel with 25 complimentary round-trip miles for both ceremony and rehearsal each - approximate ceremony length 20 minutes]

Presenting more formality than the previous ceremony styles, this style is designed for those wanting a large, more formal. ceremony than those mentioned previously. Starting with a formal Bridal Procession and Ending Procession, this ceremony is designed to stand out and provide a feeling of sophistication unlike any previously mentioned.  Adaptable to the variety of venues where a couple chooses to perform their wedding ceremony, this ceremony form works to transform any venue into a more elegant formal setting. This includes the ability to use multiple Additional Ceremonies, two readings with choices of readers, and a reflection on the readings by the Officiant if so desired by the couple.

Breathtaking Grandeur Ceremony Form

[Pricing starts at $699.00 plus travel with 50 complimentary round-trip miles for both ceremony and rehearsal each - approximate ceremony length 25+ minutes]

The most formal of all our ceremony styles, this form pulls out all the bells and whistles. A full Bridal Procession will be designed as you desire.  Choices include up to three readings, multiple readers, more places where music can be inserted, and more ceremony selection choices. Although the most sophisticated of our ceremony forms, this form can be and has been adapted to a variety of various venue situations. Again, as with all our ceremony forms, you are the director, and we are the guides.